Chiller Plant & Room: Design & Optimization

The heart of your HVAC system is the chiller plant

Trust an OEM to provide the best equipment for your chiller room
Chiller Plant

Johnson Controls has been in the HVAC&R industry for over 125 years. With that level of experience, you can rest assured that we know our equipment. No one knows better how to maintain, service and operate the chiller plant products that we design, engineer and manufacture.

Equipment – An Important Part of the Modular Solution
The choices you make regarding the equipment inside your chiller room are just as important as the construction method for your utility plant. Pumps and cooling towers are critical pieces but the heart of the HVAC system is the chiller. The heating & cooling system is the single largest point of power consumption for most customers and within that system, the piece of equipment responsible for consuming the majority of that power is the chiller. Therefore, your biggest opportunity for cost savings is through efficient and maximized use of your central plant and specifically, your chiller room equipment. Working with Johnson Controls gives you the benefit of complete chiller plant design – we build the chiller and we build the controls that operate your system. We have an understanding of how the whole system works which ensures maximized operational efficiencies in your chiller plant.

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As an OEM, we offer single source accountability for all of our products and services. From chillers and controls to packaged units and preventative service, our knowledge allows you to work with one vendor rather than multiple – saving you valuable time, effort and money.

Serviceability Matters

Chiller Plant Design

As a chiller manufacturer, we also know what serviceability you need in your chiller plant. Our Modular Central Plants are designed to accommodate all maintenance and operations requirements. For example, access to the chiller motor and compressor is through the roof; a faster and easier method of access which results in both less downtime and lost revenue to you. In addition, modules are well lit throughout and are equipped with communication capabilities.

Employing a modular construction for your chiller plant design can also lead to additional cost savings in the future. If and when the need arises for a driveline retrofit, with a new or larger chiller to increase capacity or efficiency, the entire top section of a modular chiller room can be removed. This allows for the “plug and play” replacement of a chiller with no tearing down or rebuilding of walls required. A chiller room retrofit of a traditional central plant could result in weeks of down time whereas a retrofit within Modular Central Plant is a matter of days resulting in costs savings as well as less on-site disturbances to your customers and employees

Even a routine service item like a chiller tube cleaning is simplified in a modular chiller plant. In traditional chiller rooms, an allocation of valuable space must be made to ensure the access needed for this regular maintenance activity. A modular chiller room is constructed with wide door access that allows for the cleaning of the chiller tubes. This easy access not only reduces the labor hours and cost for this maintenance but also encourages regular maintenance which will lead to longer equipment life.

Safety Matters More
Serviceability isn’t the only concern – the safety of the operators within your chiller plant is of utmost importance as well. That’s why all Johnson Controls Modular Central Plants adhere to NFPA-70/NEC code standards as well as OSHA standards and industry clearance requirements. In addition, ASHRAE 15 Refrigerant Detection System safety standards are also followed. In a modular chiller plant, if a refrigerant leak occurs, there are exhaust fans and sensors that automatically turn-on fans so you can safely ventilate the entire of the facility. Lastly, all modular chiller plants include a shut-down button for the whole system in case of emergency. In short, your modular chiller plant will be constructed following the same standards that apply to a traditionally built central plant, and will have all the additional features and benefits associated with modular construction.

Chiller Plant Optimization – It’s in the Details
Having the right equipment, the access to service it and the ability to operate it safely are all important aspects of your chiller plant. Choosing a modular chiller room gives you an added level of benefits, found only in the details.

  • Connectivity & Operational Testing
  • Designed to the component level
  • Validation and certification
  • Designed for now and the future

With a modular chiller plant, all electrical connectivity and operational testing takes place before the chiller room ships ensuring that your chiller plant will arrive fully functional, mitigating all the usual commissioning issues. Modular chiller rooms are designed and come complete down to the component level. This prevents wasted time looking for miscellaneous pieces and parts needed during onsite installation. Modular chiller rooms can be certified by a Third Party vendor who reviews all wiring, conduit and overall specifications and then provides a written report of their findings. Lastly, Johnson Controls modular chiller plants allow you to size your current chiller plant to maximize current operations and while keeping your options for the future open. If you are aware of your future chiller room needs, we can design your current system with future piping needs in mind, eliminating the need for costly re-piping activities later.

Modular chiller rooms are also designed with cleanliness in mind. The entire chiller plant is equipped with a 3” perimeter welded floor lip, caulked together between modules, providing spill containment within each module. This added level of detail prevents contamination into another plant or into the environment.

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